AYEA: Civics and Conservation Summit 2021!

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What is the Civics & Conservation Summit?

Each spring, AYEA youth delegates travel to our state capitol in Juneau, Alaska and gain skills in communication, advocacy, and the democratic process. Teens meet with their legislators and advocate on the issues they care about. The Civics & Conservation Summit is a transformational experience that empowers young people to make real change on the issues that they are most passionate about.

This year the Civics and Conservation Summit will be held from March 23-28th 2020 (including a day for travel)! We’ll spend our days at a training location downtown. Suggested tuition costs $125 per teen, but scholarships are available for both tuition and travel. Please contact our AYEA coordinator [email protected] for more information.

During the training, youth learn: how to talk with the media, how to communicate with elected officials, how to read a bill, and how to impact decisions our leaders make about our environment and our lives. We also include sessions on the tribal resolution process, environmental justice, and defining sources of power and influence. The training ends with youth-led visits to state legislators to discuss environmental concerns and interests.

Apply for the Summit

Learn the skills you need to advocate on the issues you care about AND travel to Juneau this spring!

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Deadline to apply was January 18, 2020


Nominate a Teen Leader

Nominate a young person you know to participate in the 2020 Civics & Conservation Summit!

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Deadline to nominate a teen was January 19, 2020


Become a Youth Trainer

For Previous CCS attendees. Become a youth trainer and pass on your knowledge and skills!

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Deadline to apply was November 22, 2019

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Anne Hillman AYEA Program Coordinator [email protected]