Civics and Conservation Summit Schedule

This Summit will be March 17-21 on Lingit Aani, in Juneau, Alaska—our state capital! For 5 days, young leaders will engage in workshops and activities spanning from morning to night. 

  • Note that our schedule will vary year to year based on the youth organizer’s chosen statewide action project, what current trainers can best offer delegates, and Alaska's Lay of the Land.
  • Delegates will receive finalized schedules two weeks in advance.
    See below for this year's proposed schedule.

Day IPolitics, the Environment, and You

We’ll explore our own views and influences, get to know our state capitol, and understand the connection between politics and our environment/communities. 

Day IIThe Lay of the Land

Who are the decision-makers in our state government? How are decisions made?  We will get an understanding of our legislature through presentations and direct contact. 

Day III:  Influencing Change

Once we know the decision-makers and the political process—how do we influence change?  Learn how to communicate your message in person and in the media!

Day IVCalls to Action

This is a day of action! Youth will meet with their legislators and communicate their concerns/interests.

Day V:  Taking it Home

After the excitement of meeting with our elected leaders, we’ll spend time transitioning new skills and experiences to the local level.