The Anchorage Municipal Election is April 7. VOTE!
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At The Alaska Center, it is our belief that the more Alaskans get involved in the decisions affecting our home, the better the future will be for everyone. Increasing the number of Alaskans who vote is at the core of our strategy to promote a strong and healthy democracy. By conducting both grassroots education and direct advocacy around common-sense voter reforms, we can work together as Alaskans to safeguard our democratic ideals

Rank Choice Voting info

Ranked-choice voting - how-to?

  • Ranked-choice voting allows Alaskan voters to rank candidates 1-5 in order of preference, instead of choosing just one. 
  • You do not have to rank all the candidates, or even more than 1 if you would not like to
  • If your first choice has limited support, your next choice will be counted to ensure your vote won’t be wasted
  • Any candidate that earns at least 15% of the first-choice vote will earn a share of Alaska’s delegates. Candidates receive a proportional share of delegates based on the overall share of the vote.
  • After removing the lowest-performing candidates, their next-choice votes are divided up among the remaining candidates.

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