2024 Nominations and Applications will be available in the summer

Apply to be a Youth Organizer
TBD for 2024
Nominate a Teen you know
TBD for 2024
Apply to join the Training team
TBD for 2024

Each fall 15-20 of Alaska’s teens from across the state gather on Dena’ina Elnena in Chugiak for five action packed days. During this summit, we train the cohort in advocacy skills; bringing the group from a brainstorming session on what actions they want to see, to creating three draft campaign proposals, to choosing a campaign proposal for AYEA’s statewide action in the next year. We gathered Sept 20-24, and our theme was Local Food Access.

We look forward to next year's applicants. Every Alaskan teen, ages 13-18, is welcome to apply. Our only requirement is your excitement for environmental action! 

We depend on the skills, knowledge, and wisdom of adult and youth peer trainers alike to make this summit happen. From making the agenda to designing and leading workshops to making meals together, we’ll need two adult trainers and would love to have four youth peer trainers. Apply today!

We will send a link via email and text once delegates are accepted that hosts registration forms, including medical information. We use the online form for added security with your information.

  • Nominees will be offered a phone call with an AYEA staff member from the 26th-30th to  identify their interest & support application questions. 

  • All Applicants will be notified of a decision by July 7th. 

  • Registration for accepted and waitlisted youth organizers is needed by July 21st!

Registration Cost:

The cost of the 5-day summit is tiered for families of all income levels. Working class families are encouraged to pay $50, middle income families $200 and high income families $400. This includes meals, local transportation, accommodations, and training/supplies. Delegates seeking full scholarships are asked to try one activity from our fundraising toolkit before full scholarships are granted. Travel via Alaska Airlines will be taken care of via donated miles from our communities for all students seeking air travel support. For other airlines, we’d like to ask your local school district, organizations and business first to see if they can cover all or part of the cost.


Being a Youth Organizer (YO) means committing to work collaboratively with other young people across the state to fight for a common goal while developing skills that you will use your entire life. Sometimes youth organizers focus on climate justice and building a sustainable future. Other times they focus on issues like banning plastic bags. Every year, the youth organizers decide what campaign to run and how to do it. Throughout the school year, you will attend regular conference calls, participate in skill training, and lead campaign actions in your community! YOs are the main point of contact for AYEA’s statewide campaign in their community, and they take the lead in pushing for change. Read more below!

Document your work & report to other YO's and staff
  • Keep track of and report the details of each action (e.g. names and contact info for everyone who participated in that action, number of postcards collected, number of social media posts, etc.)
  • Share monthly reports with AYEA staff and the group. That means two sentences about your work and photos when possible.
  • Complete the online project evaluation survey when your project is completed.
    Participate in a group debrief teleconference at close of the campaign.