Stay tuned for details and application information for the 2023 Youth Organizer Summit!


Being a Youth Organizer (YO) means committing to work collaboratively with other young people across the state to fight for a common goal while developing skills that you will use your entire life. Sometimes youth organizers focus on climate justice and building a sustainable future. Other times they focus on issues like banning plastic bags. Every year, the youth organizers decide what campaign to run and how to do it. Throughout the school year, you will attend regular conference calls, participate in skill training, and lead campaign actions in your community! YOs are the main point of contact for AYEA’s statewide campaign in their community, and they take the lead in pushing for change. Read more below!


Attend the Youth Organizer Summit

This year’s summit will take place in-person, date TBD. At the summit, you will be able to connect with other young Alaskan leaders, discuss issues in your communities and learn the skill to take action and make change in your community! Past summits have included workshops on decolonization and anti-racism, the power of the self, media skills, and campaign planning. Keep an eye on our website and social media to learn what our workshops will be this year and be the first to hear any exciting updates! Any current AYEA members or young Alaskans passionate about action on climate and environmental justice are welcome to apply. 

Support for travel to and from Anchorage is available and lodging is already planner! Contact us with any questions!

Lead campaign actions each month
  • The actions will be decided by the youth at the summit. Examples include creating radio shows or podcasts, asking people to sign a petition, recruiting volunteers, making phone calls and sending letters to politicians, crafting social media posts, speaking in front of groups, and planning rallies.
  • Each YO will have specific objectives to meet monthly, like collect X petitions or contact a certain leader. You’ll work together to determine these goals.
  • YOs will attend monthly conference calls with the mentors and youth they worked with during the summit. They’ll report on their activities and support each other’s actions.
  • Note: We understand factors like participating in subsistence activities and variable internet/telephone connectivity could affect your availability each month. Your mentors will work with you to make sure you can stay connected!
Support each other
  • Communicate regularly with the other YOs, sharing ideas, and asking each other for support and guidance for our monthly actions.
  • Communicate via email, social media, Slack, teleconferences, one-on-one phone calls, etc.
    Ask for help from other AYEA teens and mentors when needed!
  • Nominate another teen to attend AYEA’s Civics & Conservation Summit, which typically includes five days in Juneau each March.
  • You are encouraged to apply for the AYEA Civics & Conservation
    Summit, but it’s not required.
  • Get involved with a local chapter! We have chapters in Anchorage, Homer, Unalaska and the Mat-Su. If there isn’t a chapter in your town that's okay! AYEA mentors can help you start one or find other ways to get involved with your community.
Document your work & report to other YOs and staff
  • Keep track of and report the details of each action (e.g. names and contact info for everyone who participated in that action, number of postcards collected, number of social media posts, etc.)
  • Share monthly reports with AYEA staff and the group. That means two sentences about your work and photos when possible.
  • Complete the online project evaluation survey when your project is completed.
    Participate in a group debrief teleconference at close of the campaign.


A diverse support network of youth from across Alaska

YOs build relationships with teens from diverse backgrounds and from all regions of the state, developing cross-cultural understanding and joining a network of passionate youth advocates.

Organizing Skills

You will gain experience with community and grassroots organizing, and develop the skills necessary to advocate for any issue you care about. These skills include analyzing and understanding controversial issues, having productive conversations with people who have different viewpoints, public speaking, working with the media, using different online and in-person tools to advocate for social change, and recruiting volunteers.

Opportunities to attend and lead future AYEA Trainings

AYEA’s Civics & Conservation Summit, normally held in Juneau in March, includes sessions to learn more about Alaska’s political system, influencing legislation, messaging, and meeting with legislators.

Adult mentors
  • YO Summit participants will work in small groups and develop relationships with AYEA alum from their regions.
  • These young adult mentors will help guide the YOs and help ensure their campaigns fit with their communities. It’s an opportunity to build relationships that can last a lifetime.
  • AYEA staff and other volunteer adult mentors will provide individual and group support for YOs.
  • YOs will build relationships with advocates and conservation professionals while getting a first-hand look at the behind-the-scenes work of environmental and social justice careers.
Letters of recommendation, award nomination, job recommendations
  • AYEA staff and volunteer adult mentors will nominate select leaders among the YOs for prestigious statewide and national award recognition.
  • Staff will provide letters of recommendation for jobs, colleges, scholarships, and other programs.
The knowledge that you make a difference

You have the opportunity to help shape the future of Alaska and build a more equitable, sustainable community. Stand up, speak up, and join us.

Your voice can make a difference!