Accepted Delegates & Their Families

Welcome to AYEA new delegates and family members! We’re happy to have you join our summit and our program in March. The following page is to help navigate your questions as we prepare for the summit in Juneau. The Summit is designed to be an intense, fun, life-changing experience that immerses participants in the political process while exposing them to conservation issues in our state. Participants should arrive prepared for five days of morning-to-night learning, sharing, discussion, action, and play.

This is the timeline we aspire to once delegates confirm their attendance:

First week of February: Registrations close
Third week of February: Flights booked 
Fourth week of February: Focus Bill Information ready for review
First week of March: Delegates receive complete schedule
Thursday, the day before the summit: Arrival to Juneau
Tuesday & Wed, the final day of the summit: Departure from Juneau,
3rd Friday of each month: Statewide meetings 

Below are previews of our registration content! We will send a link via email and text once delegates are accepted that hosts updated registration forms, including medical information not listed here. We use the online form for added security with your information.

Registration Cost:

The cost of the 5-day summit is tiered for families of all income levels. Working class families are encouraged to pay $50, middle income families $200 and high income families $400. This includes meals, local transportation, accommodations, and training/supplies. Delegates seeking full scholarships are asked to try one activity from our fundraising toolkit before full scholarships are granted. Travel via Alaska Airlines will be taken care of via donated miles from our communities for all students seeking air travel support. For other airlines, we’d like to ask your local school district, organizations and business first to see if they can cover all or part of the cost.

During the Civics & Conservation Summit, delegates and adult trainers stay at the Juneau International Hostel. We ask that all delegates stay at the provided lodging accommodations for the duration of the summit, even delegates who live in Juneau. This ensures that everyone in the cohort can build relationships, engage in our evening activities, and participate in all workshops. Please note that the hostel requires proof of COVID vaccination, so in addition to uploading a picture of your vaccination card under our medical form upload, please also carry it with you in a safe location. There’s a gender-neutral room, a men-only room, and a women-only room, so please indicate your preference for lodging in registration. The hostel has hot showers, a kitchen for prepping meals, bunk beds, and a common room for hanging out during free time.

Additionally, all food during the summit is provided. Delegates and adult trainers will work in meal teams to cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Adult trainers can provide support and guidance for those who might not be comfortable in the kitchen. Some meals may be catered. Please be sure to include all dietary guidelines and allergies when completing registration forms so we can ensure that everyone gets fed!