CCS Partners and Trainers

We rely on the support of our partner organizations in both youth engagement and conservation to equip the next generation of environmental justice advocates to join us as stewards. 

Individuals can:

  • nominate teens in their community
  • sponsor travel with miles pledges
  • sponsor the summit with donations 
  • apply to join the training team 

Organizations can 

  • nominate teens to apply
  • sponsor the summit with donations
  • host a workshop at the summit
  • co-host the full summit

Facilitate a Workshop!

  • AYEA is always looking to expand and deepen our partnerships with other organizations in Alaska. One way to do this is through workshop partnerships! Workshop partners engage with AYEA by facilitating a workshop during the Civic & Conservation Summit. Workshops can range from 45 mins-1.5 hours and can address topics related to leadership development, communication skills, advocacy and project planning, the environment, and youth engagement. We’re excited to talk through your ideas together and get creative!

    If you would like to facilitate a workshop at our upcoming Civics & Conservation Summit, please email [email protected] with the following information: 

    -Your name and organization

    -Contact information and the best way to get in touch with you

    -The title of your workshop and a brief description (3-5 sentences)

    -If available, an outline of your workshop plan

    -Your availability for the days of the summit, including how long you think the workshop will last

    -Any questions you have about partnership!

    Examples of past workshop partnerships: 

    See Stories Alaska- Story of Self Podcasting

    Food for Thought Alaska - Community Project Planning Q&A


    • Ready for review Full Summit Partnership Expectations

    We’d love to be in partnership with one organization for the full summit. Curious what that looks like? Here are the responsibilities of a full summit partner: 

    -Assisting with identifying a training space for the summit

    -Supporting outreach recruitment, and registration of teens

    -Helping with contacting families and delegates leading up to the summit

    -One staff member joining as an adult trainer or workshop presenter

    -Sending appeal letters to local organizations, partners, and businesses

    -Sponsor the summit at a [1k] level