Quest Trips

Our Alaska Quest Trips are designed for campers who are ready to expand their backcountry camping skills and push themselves in a safe and fun environment. Our Trip sessions are 2 weeks, with the first week being a day camp structure at a location. After a week of team building, gear prep, and skill practice, campers will head out with our trained and skilled staff on an unforgettable adventure on Alaska’s trails, lakes, and oceans! Specific trip plans and COVID-19 Mitigation plans will be released in 2022.

enrollment open January 13, 2022

Letter from Cam:

My name is Cam and I’m the Trips Manager for Trailside Discovery Camp. I was lucky enough to grow up in Alaska, and attend Trailside as a camper! It was here that I developed a passion for adventuring in the beautiful natural places Alaska has to offer. I have fond memories of exploring creeks while learning about the life cycles of salmon, and roasting s’mores around a campfire in the Alaskan wilderness. I’m thrilled to have had the opportunity to lead campers ages 8-14 on a variety of excursions, ranging from backpacking & camping, to sea kayaking in Resurrection Bay. On these trips, campers and I have bonded over challenging treks leading to wonderful campsites, sunshine finally peeking through the clouds after a rainstorm, and the one-of-a-kind nourishment of a hot camp meal after a hard day's travel.

My most memorable Trailside experience happened during a canoe trip on the Lynx Lake Loop, after a strenuous day of paddling multiple lakes & portaging gear and canoes. We had arrived at camp exhausted & hungry, and while my fellow guide and I began to cook dinner, we instructed the campers to go set up their tents. When we called that the meal was ready, they all came back and eagerly announced that there would be a show to accompany dinner! After setting up, they had all come together to organize a talent show extravaganza - complete with songs, dances, & uncontrolled giggling. Watching them enthusiastically perform around a campfire in the Alaskan wilderness after a challenging day showed me that they were creating their own fond memories while learning independence, outdoor skills, and an appreciation for natural places that can only come from experience!

I believe that these adventures are more important now than ever, and am so excited for the unique experiences & stories to come from Alaska Quest Trips in 2022!

Want to learn more about our programs? Contact [email protected] or call (907) 274-KIDS (5437).

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