Securing & Modernizing Alaska’s Elections through automatic voter registration

Accuracy & Security

Since 2016, the Division of Elections added over 50,000 new Alaskans to the voter rolls. With a high volume of new voters, the state must work overtime to ensure the accuracy of voter rolls. We encourage the new administration to continue regular data matches with the national database and to make a plan for removing ineligible voters from the rolls. Any proposal to improve the AVR program must avoid unreasonable purges of voter data


Current AVR implementation involves sending mailers to each eligible Alaskan -- with a total annual cost of over $250,000. We encourage the new administration to move to email notifications to save on cost.

Outreach & Turnout

Automatically registering all eligible Alaskans to vote removes a major barrier to access the political process, but many new registrants -- first-time voters who have no experience with the political process -- might need a little encouragement to get to the polls. We’re counting on Alaskans to join us in encouraging friends and neighbors to get to the polls -- stay tuned for information about a volunteer opportunity near you.