Supporting Alaska’s Growth into the Most Engaged Electorate in the Nation

Rising Alaskan Electorate

Through direct investments in communities through integrated voter engagement, The Alaska Center Education Fund seeks to upend the current dynamic in which people of color, unmarried women, and low-income people are least likely to participate in elections. By partnering with a wide variety of community groups to increase turnout over time among historically underrepresented communities, we can work to ensure the Rising Alaskan Electorate achieve equitable representation at the local, state, and national level

Young Voter Engagement

Young Alaskans are passionate and unabashed about their role in guiding the State towards an equitable and balanced future. Yet young peoples’ voices are historically least likely to be counted in statewide election totals. Our young voter engagement program seeks to provide leadership development opportunities for youth at the start of their adult lives and remove existing barriers that prevent young people from taking part in the political process

Get Involved

Together we can build the most engaged electorate in the nation