Voting Info 2020

Why is voting important?

Voting is the way you can tell politicians your opinion. Your opinion matters and your vote can help to shape your community, state, and nation. Voting helps decide things like, how our schools, police, and communities are funded; how many busses are available to ride; how many libraries are available and how often they get to be open; how clean the air and water will be; who has the right to work and how employees should be treated.


Every Alaskan can securely Vote At Home for their health and safety.

    Step-by-Step Absentee Ballot Sign-Up
    The Alaska GOP will not hold a primary election in 2020. To learn more, go to:
    If you are at least 18 years old and a citizen of the United States, you can vote!

    2020 is a big election year, and your vote is your voice! Want to learn more about how you can engage your community in these important elections? Reach out and we can share tools and resources to help you activate voters in your community>>

    Know your rights!

    Early/Absentee Voting:
    Early voting is available now in the majority of communities around the state. Voting by mail is a great option for seniors, voters with disabilities, and those who live far from their local polling place. 

    Make a Plan to Vote