Vote at Home

Voting absentee is great!

When you absentee vote, it helps you keep yourself, the people you live with, and your community safe. Absentee voting lets you cast your vote from anywhere, and it allows you to take the time you need to make great decisions. This is why absentee voting is key to a healthy democracy. The benefits actually help combat voter suppression and increase ballot accessibility. All Alaskans deserve a voice. All Alaskans deserve an easy and accessible voting experience.

Voting absentee is safe!

Did you know that almost 110,000 Alaskans have decided to vote at home this election? Absentee ballots have been mailed all over the state, and over 10,000 voters have already filled out their ballots and voted in the November Election.

The USPS announced in late August that the “American public can rely on the USPS to fulfill our role in the electoral process.” They are anticipating an uptick in the number of absentee ballots - they are ready to make sure your vote makes it to the Division of Elections on time! Return your ballot as soon as possible to help the USPS get their job done. 

Once you have mailed your ballot, you can track your vote with the Division of Election's ballot tracker tool. You can tell when the Division of Elections has safely received your ballot and is ready to be counted. 

A study by the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank, showed that for states that hold mail-in elections, there were only about 44 instances of voter fraud out of the 44, 917,586 ballots cast. 

You can rest assured that voting at home is as safe and secure as voting on Election Day.

Apply for Your Absentee Ballot


In statewide elections, your absentee ballot application must be received by poll workers 10 days before election day and if you are also registering to vote at the same time: your absentee ballot application must be received by poll workers 30 days before election day. Please check your local government’s website to learn about the dates/deadlines for local elections.

See the Division of Elections timeline here for more information>> 

You can do it online

Did you know the Alaska Division of Elections is offering a completely online application? All you need is your ID handy and some free time. Find it here>>


You can do it by mail

The paper application is also still available! It does require a handwritten signature. You can print it out, fill it out and either mail, fax, or email it in.