Alaskans Stick Together

Staying Engaged During Uncertain Times

Hi! We are here for you. There are also a lot of incredible individuals and groups who are here for you as well.

This resource page is a living thing and we will continue to add to it with input from our team, our partners and supporters like you. Have a resource you would like to add? Contact us>>


Elders, communities, families and local businesses need our support in these times. Our future isn't dependent on the fate of extraction industries it is dependent on us.

Here are ways to support our economy now and into the future.

Anchorage Native Community "Feeding Our Elders" Fundraiser >>

How to create a neighborhood pod>>

Facebook groups for parents>>

Join the Mutual Aid Network in Anchorage>>

Anchorage COVID community toolkit>>

Help each other keep our families fed through the Anchorage Grocery Network on Facebook>>


As we stay safe and stay home we still need to stay connected. Together we can build a sustainable future. Together we decide what that looks like.

Here are some ways to keep our connections

Learn how to connect with ZOOM 101 online training>>

Connect to youth leadership climate work across the state>>

Share your Climate Story with AYEA>>

Social media tools to keep us all safe and healthy>>


Policy and permitting is still moving forward. We must stay vigilant so that the long term health of our communities is not damaged by reactive powers.

Here are ways you can be heard and take action.

Help get economic relief for the charitable sector>>

Demand safe and healthy voting for everyone>>

Our community health and our climate health are connected. Ask for Climate Action from our leaders>>