Spring Creek Farm

All of our programs are designed to be both fun and informative. Naturalists lead small groups teaching campers about Alaska’s history, wildlife, and natural science while developing social growth as well as leadership and outdoor skills. Programs emphasize interactive, hands-on, outdoor experiences. Participants slog through bogs, explore forests, tread gently across trails and learn about nature while immersed in it. Join us for a fun-filled summer in the great outdoors!

Programs begin at 9:00am and end at 4:00pm.
Meet at Spring Creek Farm in Palmer. 6402 Lossing Road.

Registration open January 8th 2019
State tuned for classes information!


Enthusiastic instructors lead the campers through games, adventures, and hands on activities while encouraging them to interact with the environment and each other. Programs are developed to educate students about ecology, geology, natural history, outdoor survival, and positive social skill building.

Out of this world (4-6)
⦿ Journey through the solar system
⦿ Pioneer the last frontier
⦿ Find your place in the universe

Dino Detective (4-6)
⦿ Solve the prehistoric puzzle
⦿ Become a junior paleontologist
⦿ What dinosaur is your favorite?

Survivor AK Style (4-6)
⦿ How can you be safe in the outdoors?
⦿ Make an edible fire
⦿ Explore the outside and shelter building

Bugs & Butterflies (4-6)
⦿ Make a friendly bug catcher
⦿ Learn about the life cycle of butterflies & bugs
⦿ Invent your own bug

Trailside encourages hands on learning, skill building, and ecosystem awareness as well as establishing lasting friendships for our campers. Through exploration and fun in Trailside’s summer programs we hope to encourage future stewards of Alaska!

Fun on the Farm (7-9)
⦿ Taste fresh organic produce
⦿ Plant your own crops
⦿ Recognize how weather impacts a farm

Artsy Animals (7-9)
⦿ Sand art, beading, leaf collages
⦿ Unearth your artistic flare
⦿ How will nature inspire you?

Wilderness Survival (7-9)
⦿ Find your way with a compass
⦿ What to do in an emergency
⦿ Create your own shelter

Earth, Fire & Ice (7-9)
⦿ Learn about the forces that shape Alaska
⦿ Volcanology, Paleontology & Geomorphology
⦿ Glaciers, volcanoes and plate tectonics

Backpack (8-9 only)- join forces with Camp Creek Science center campers for some backpacking fun. ($425)
⦿ Learn about low-impact camping
⦿ Safety in the outdoors
⦿ Adventure the local surroundings

Mission: Space (7-9)
⦿ Visit the local planetarium
⦿ What is beyond Earth?
⦿ Explore the stars

Mountain Bike Mania (High Adventure)
⦿ Explore the single tracks of Anchorage
⦿ Become a bike mechanic
⦿ But first, Bike safety!

River Wranglers (Cost $325)
⦿ River float trip!
⦿ Become a hydrologist
⦿ Test local waterways

Venture Bound (High Adventures)
⦿ Bike, hike, and canoe!
⦿ Learn to navigate on land and in water
⦿ Practice camping skills and outdoor adventure spirit

AK Native Culture Keepers
⦿ Exploring local arts and culture
⦿ Native Elders share their knowledge
⦿ Potluck! And parents are invited!

Climate Scientist (Cost $325)
⦿ Flightseeing tour
⦿ Learn about renewable energy
⦿ Create a plan for change

Want to learn more about our programs? Contact trailside@akcenter.org or call (907) 274-KIDS (5437).