Spring Creek Farm

All of our programs are designed to be both fun and informative. Naturalists lead small groups teaching campers about Alaska’s history, wildlife, and natural science while developing social growth as well as leadership and outdoor skills. Programs emphasize interactive, hands-on, outdoor experiences. Participants slog through bogs, explore forests, tread gently across trails and learn about nature while immersed in it. Join us for a fun-filled summer in the great outdoors!

Programs begin at 9:00am and end at 4:00pm.
Meet at Spring Creek Farm in Palmer. 6402 Lossing Road.

Registration is Open
Camp runs: June 3 – July 12


Join our compassionate and enthusiastic staff in exploring the outdoors using a variety of hands-on and sensory activities. Campers ages four through six will come to learn more about their role in the outdoors while strengthening their motor, social, and observational skills. Ratio 1:6. Programs are $290 per week unless otherwise noted.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – NEW! 
⦿Learn about the importance of recycling
⦿ Turn trash to treasure
⦿ Give back to the farm

Crafty Critters – NEW! 
⦿Express your creativity
⦿Create a variety of nature-themed crafts
⦿View the outdoors in new ways

Mammal Mania – NEW! 
⦿Learn about Alaskan mammals
⦿Become an animal expert
⦿Investigate where mammals live

Animal Homes – NEW!
⦿Discover different types of animal houses
⦿Learn what makes them unique
⦿Investigate what helps animals survive

Seedling Farmers
⦿Plant your own crops
⦿Unleash the magic in seeds and soil
⦿Eat fresh Alaskan produce

Wilderness Survival 
⦿Find your way with a compass
⦿What to do in an emergency
⦿Create your own shelter

Treetop Explorers – NEW! -$290
⦿Explore a forest habitat
⦿Draw your own personal tree
⦿Discover a variety of leaves

Exploration Space – NEW! 
⦿Explore our solar system
⦿Make your own constellation
⦿Phases of the Moon

Join our enthusiastic instructors in our day programs focusing on environmental concepts including ecology, geology, agriculture, bugs, and outdoor survival skills. Your camper will get the opportunity to take part in hands-on lessons, activities, and games that encourage positive interactions with the outdoors! Campers will spend their time exploring the beautiful farm and learning about Alaskan wildlife safety. Ratio 1:8 Programs are $290 per week unless otherwise noted.

Planet Protectors -NEW!

Picture Perfect – NEW! 
⦿Capture your surroundings
⦿Explore types of photography
⦿Slideshow presentation at the end of the week

Animal Kingdom: Mammals- NEW!
⦿Is it a mammal?
⦿Explore animal habitats
⦿Identify Alaskan mammals

Be a Botanist – NEW! 
⦿Identify local plants
⦿Visit the botanical gardens
⦿Create a natural art project

Fun on the Farm
⦿Taste fresh organic produce
⦿Plant your own crops
⦿Recognize how weather impacts a farm

AK Survival
⦿Advance your shelter building skills
⦿Learn fire building fundamentals
⦿Hear stories from search and rescue professionals.

High Adventure Trail Riders I *Bring your own bike
⦿Explore the single tracks of Anchorage
⦿Learn to fix your own bike
⦿Engage in trail safety & etiquette
⦿Ride based on skill level with Trail Riders II

Mission: Space
⦿Visit a local planetarium
⦿Explore our solar system
⦿Stars and constellations 

Our knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and charismatic instructors are excited for campers to join them as they explore their natural surroundings. Instructors will focus on conveying their knowledge through group activities, games, team building, and hands-on lessons. Instructional techniques include experiential learning in a natural environment to promote lifelong learning. Every program includes at least one off-site field trip. Ratio 1:8. Programs are $290 per week unless otherwise noted.

Earth Day, Everyday -NEW!
⦿Learn about the cycles that influence our daily lives
⦿Investigate the nature of water, life, tides and season cycles
⦿Become a scientist and participate in mad science experiments

Arctic Artist 
⦿Sand art, beading, and leaf collages
⦿Create Alaskan clay pottery
⦿Explore your artistic side with nature

High Adventure: Trail Riders II *Bring your own bike 
⦿Learn advanced mountain biking skills
⦿Build new levels of confidence on single tracks
⦿Ride based on skill level with Trail Riders I

High Adventure: Venture Bound-Water $335
⦿Stand-up paddleboard, kayak, and canoe!
⦿Learn paddling skills for various different boats
⦿Practice water safety & outdoor adventure spirit

High Adventure: Venture Bound-Earth
⦿Bike, hike, and explore!
⦿Learn navigational skills
⦿Practice safety skills & outdoor adventure spirit

Mountain Masters – NEW! 
⦿Advance your shelter building skills
⦿Spend a day climbing off-site
⦿Learn about survival tools

Flight, Migration, and Hibernation- NEW!
⦿Discover different Alaskan animal habitats
⦿Track Alaskan animals
⦿Animal circle of life

Space Odyssey 
⦿Learn why it is important to explore space
⦿Field trip to visit the local planetarium
⦿Learn about the lifestyle of an astronaut ⦿

Want to learn more about our programs? Contact trailside@akcenter.org or call (907) 274-KIDS (5437).