Family Adventures

Family Canoeing, Kayaking, & Paddle Boards (Ages 6 & up)

June 16th
Location: Goose Lake
Bring your family out for this Saturday of sunshine, splashes, and smiles. The water rodeo will begin at 10:00am and continue until 3:00pm. Trailside Discovery will supply canoes, kayaks, and paddle boards at Goose Lake. Families will be able to utilize equipment provided by Trailside at no cost.

Spring Creek Farm Birthday

July 12th
Location: Spring Creek Farm, Palmer AK
Join us to celebrate another year of Trailside Discovery in the Mat-Su valley.
There will be cake!

Trailside Discovery’s 36th Birthday Party

July 19th
Location: Campbell Creek Science Center
Parents, grandparents, campers of all ages; come one, come all! Join Trailside Discover for our 36th birthday celebration. From 4:30pm - 6:30pm at the Campbell Creek Science Center. There will be carnival games, a bounce house, face painting, a creek study and- most importantly- Cake!

Family Fat Tire Bike Ride

July 28th
Location:Abbott Loop Park
Join this Fat Tire Bike FRENZY from 10:00am - 3:00pm. Trailside Discovery will provide fat tire bikes for ages 9+ to take off and tear up trails in a free ride area set up at Abbott Loop Park. Campers will learn general bike safety, passing etiquette, and how to be wildlife aware on trails. If you own a fat tire bike don’t leave it at home to gather dust- join us and crush the Trails!