Campbell Creek Science Center

Winter Wilderness Camp

2018/2019 season will be:

December 26-28, 2018
January 2-4, 2019

Enrollment will open October 2018.

Get ready for some frosty outdoor fun with Trailside Discovery Camps Winter Wilderness Program! We will teach campers fun educational nature games, as well as important survival skills. Our broad curriculum will have campers learning winter survival, snow-shoeing, shelter building, orienteering, winter bird spotting, and much more in a team building atmosphere. Trailside Discovery is an American Camp Association accredited camp and Alaska’s leading non-profit outdoor environmental education opportunity for kids. Sessions will be held at the Campbell Creek Science Center in correspondence with the Anchorage School District holiday release dates for Winter Break.

Spring Breakup Camp

March 11-15

Registration Open

Splash, discover, and build this Spring with Trailside Discovery Camp’s Spring Break-Up program. Rain or shine; slush or snow Alaskan kids know how to have fun. Join Trailside during this break from school, but keep your child’s mind engaged! Campers will experience fun hands-on activities like winter survival skill building, snowshoeing, shelter building, orienteering, fat tire biking and much more! Sessions will be held at the Campbell Creek Science Center in correspondence with the Anchorage School District holiday release dates for Spring Break.

Summer Camp

Dates TBD

Registration Open January 8, 2019

Join Trailside Discovery Camp for a summer of adventure, exploration, growth, and fun! Discover the last frontier through fun, hands-on exploration, and outdoor fun! Watch your camper will enjoy getting outdoors to explore the creek systems, learn about the wildlife that inhabit our great state, kayak and canoe beautiful local bodies of water, fatbike winding trail systems, and build life long friends all with a muddy, dirt covered smile on their face. Trailside Discovery Camp packs a summer of outdoor adventure into each week. Sessions will be held in correspondence with the Anchorage School District holiday release dates for Summer.

Campbell Creek Science Center: 5600 Science Center Drive, Anchorage, AK 99507
Camp hours: Drop off- 8:45-9:00am, Pick up- 3:45-4pm  
(Optional Pre Care starts at 7:30am, after care until 5:30pm)

Summer Classes

Enthusiastic, patient instructors lead hands-on activities, interactive games and educational lessons, encouraging campers to interact positively with the environment and each other. Programs aim to develop your child’s senses, motor skills and relationships as they discover the outdoors and personalities of fellow campers. We do have a quiet time reading hour after lunch. Groups are structured with two staff per 12 campers. Cost: $280 per week.

AK Native Culture Keepers
⦿ Exploring local arts and culture
⦿ Native Elders share their knowledge
⦿ Potlach! Parents are invited!

Wilderness Explorers
⦿ Become moose and bear aware
⦿ Live off the land logic
⦿ Follow the scent to the source

Bugs & Butterflies
⦿ Make a friendly bug catcher
⦿ Learn about the life cycle of butterflies & bugs
⦿ Invent your own bug

Dino Detective
⦿ Solve the prehistoric puzzle
⦿ Become a junior paleontologist
⦿ What dinosaur is your favorite?

Rocks & Lava
⦿ Magma, explosions, and eruption
⦿ Become an Archaeologist for a day
⦿ Rocks, minerals, and precious stones

Aqua Adventure
⦿ Experience the power of water
⦿ Explore the creek and salmon life cycle
⦿ Learn the water cycle boogie

Out of This World
⦿ Journey through the solar system
⦿ Pioneer the last frontier
⦿ Find your place in the universe

Birds, Bears & Bullwinkles
⦿ Uncover hibernation secrets
⦿ Birds of the feather bingo
⦿ What foods do animals eat?

Fish Friends
⦿ Dissect a fish
⦿ Take a look-see at the different ways people catch fish
⦿ Connect with Alaskan Salmon

Seedling Farmers
⦿ Plant your own crops
⦿ Unleash the magic in seeds and soil
⦿ Eat fresh Alaskan produce

Parent Creek Seekers*
⦿ Watch tiny creatures under microscopes
⦿ Do the water cycle boogie
⦿ Interact with other families and make friends

*Parents can join for the whole program or when available.

Naturalist instructors lead groups, teaching the basics of ecology, geology, natural history, environmental stewardship, and outdoor survival skills. Staff encourages positive social interactions among campers through group activities and exploration. Fully packed, active days prepare campers for longer trips to come in future Trailside summers. Groups are structured with 2 staff per 16 campers. Cost: $280 per week.


AK Native Culture Keepers
⦿ Exploring local arts and culture
⦿ Native Elders share their knowledge
⦿ Potlach! Parents are invited!

Wilderness Survival
⦿ Find your way with a compass
⦿ What to do in an emergency
⦿ Create your own shelter

Dinosaur Diggers
⦿ Excavate for fossils
⦿ Build an erupting volcano and witness the explosion
⦿ Make your own fossil

Artsy Animals
⦿ Sand art, beading, and leaf collages
⦿ Unearth your artistic flare
⦿ How will nature inspire you?

Terrestrial Trackers
⦿ Explore the Earth and beyond
⦿ Create your own solar system
⦿ How is Earth livable but other planets not?

Woodland Wizards
⦿ Unlock the secrets held within a forest
⦿ Dissect a rotting log and discover its mysteries
⦿ Hunt for plants and mushrooms

Earth, Fire & Ice
⦿ Learn about the forces that shape Alaska
⦿ Volcanology, Paleontology & Geomorphology
⦿ Glaciers, volcanoes and plate tectonics

Outdoor Detective
⦿ Crack the mystery of tent assembly
⦿ Unearth Leave no Trace principles
⦿ The wild country beckons, time to explore

Fun on the Farm
⦿ Taste fresh organic produce
⦿ Plant your own crops
⦿ Recognize how weather impacts a farm

Fully trained instructors combine learning and fun to deepen campers awareness of the ecosystems around Campbell Creek and broaden their understanding of Alaska by exploring at least one different location a week. Groups are structured with two staff per 13 campers. Cost: $280 per week (unless specified otherwise)

Mission: Space
⦿ Visit the local planetarium
⦿ What is beyond Earth?
⦿ Explore stars

AK Native Culture Keepers
⦿ Emphasize local arts and culture
⦿ Native Elders share their knowledge
⦿ Potlach! Parents are invited!

Sea to Summit
⦿ Summit a local mighty peak
⦿ Choose as a group which body of water you will encounter
⦿ Experience an ecology 101 lesson

Marine Magic
⦿ Whale tales and marine life encounters
⦿ Take a trip to Seward
⦿ Explore different tides

Paddle Mania (High Adventure)
⦿ Water safety instruction
⦿ Explore your Kayaking, Canoeing & Paddle boarding skills
⦿ Learn various water games and activities

Alaskan Survival
⦿ Advance your shelter building skills
⦿ Learn fire building fundamentals
⦿ Hear stories from search and rescue professionals.

Fat Tire Bike (High Adventure)
⦿ Bike off the beaten path
⦿ Ride some awesome Fat Tire Bikes
⦿ Explore the trails around camp and more!

Alaska Grown
⦿ Visit a working agricultural farm
⦿ Learn about seeds, soil, and compost
⦿ Where does your food come from?

Glaciers, Magma & Fossils
⦿ Volcanoes, quakes, avalanches and glaciers
⦿ Visit Earthquake Park or a Glacier
⦿ Discover fossils and artifacts

Ready, Aim, Fire (High Adventure) Cost $325
⦿ Learn about the history of Archery
⦿ Shoot a compound & recurve bow
⦿ Try making your own bow

Mountain Bike Mania (High Adventure)

⦿ Explore the single tracks of Anchorage
⦿ Become a bike mechanic
⦿ But first, bike safety!

Check out the awesome opportunities for experienced campers. Programs are guaranteed at 2 field trips a week, exploring Alaska and learning about nature and more! Groups are structured with two staff per 13 campers. Cost:$280 per week.

Ready, Set, Action
⦿ Use multimedia in Alaskan nature
⦿ Visit with local professional photographers
⦿ Learn landscape and macro techniques for nature photography.

Mammals & Mining
⦿ Learn some history on mining in Alaska
⦿ What is your favorite mammal?
⦿ Take a trip offsite to investigate mining

Oceans Alive (Cost $325)
⦿ Full day marine boat trip
⦿ How many marine species do you know?
⦿ What makes our oceans so special?

Operation Farming
⦿ Visit a working agricultural farm
⦿ Visit with farm animals
⦿ Where does food come from?

River Wranglers (Cost $325)
⦿ River float trip!
⦿ Become a hydrologist
⦿ Test local waterways

Climate Scientist
⦿ Flightseeing tour
⦿ Visit a farm for organic investigation
⦿ Create a plan for change

Space Heroes
⦿ What is it like being an astronaut?
⦿ Visit at the local planetarium
⦿ Participate in some space experiments

Fish On (High Adventures)
⦿ Learn to fish for salmon
⦿ Test for quality salmon habitat
⦿ Filet a fish!

Fat Tire Bike (High Adventures)
⦿ Enjoy the trails on a 9:zero:7 Fat tire bike
⦿ Meet with a biking professional
⦿ Race staff, who will win?

Mountain Bike Extreme (High Adventures)
⦿ Learn extreme mountain biking skills
⦿ Choose where to go on your field trips
⦿ Build your own confidence and leadership skills

Peak Baggers (High Adventures)
⦿ Summit local mountains
⦿ Orienteering, map reading and GPS skills
⦿ Learn about international mountains

Reach High (High Adventures)
⦿ Climb to new heights using proper gear
⦿ Basic climbing safety techniques
⦿ Experience indoor and outdoor rock climbing

Venture Bound (High Adventures)
⦿ Bike, hike, kayak and canoe!
⦿ Learn to navigate on land and in water
⦿ Practice camping skills and outdoor adventure spirit

Archery (High Adventure)
⦿ Learn archery safety
⦿ Shoot with a compound and recurve bow
⦿ Build your own bow!

AK Native Culture Keepers
⦿ Exploring local arts and culture
⦿ Native Elders share their knowledge
⦿ Potlach! Parents are invited!

Teacher Naturalist in Training (TNT)

We designed these courses for campers who are ready to share their passion, experiences, and skills with others. This course develops their leadership skills, preparing them for future jobs in the fields of environment, education and outreach. We are looking for campers who really want to be in this program! Graduates may be asked back for an additional week as a TDC staff volunteer in training. Cost- $280

⦿ Learning styles and different forms of intelligence
⦿ Community engagement projects
⦿Team building facilitation

Scholarships are Available!

At Trailside Discovery Camp we believe every camper should have the opportunity to learn and engage with the outdoors no matter their economic status.