Summer Camps in Anchorage!

Summer Camp

May 28th – Aug 17th

Registration Open

Join Trailside Discovery Camp for a summer of adventure, exploration, growth, and fun! Discover the last frontier through fun, hands-on exploration, and outdoor fun! Your camper will enjoy getting outdoors to explore the creek systems, learn about the wildlife that inhabit our great state, kayak and canoe beautiful local bodies of water, fatbike winding trail systems, and build life long friends all with a muddy, dirt covered smile on their face. Trailside Discovery Camp packs a summer of outdoor adventure into each week. Sessions will be held in correspondence with the Anchorage School District holiday release dates for Summer.

Campbell Creek Science Center: 5600 Science Center Drive, Anchorage, AK 99507
Camp hours: Drop off- 8:45-9:00am, Pick up- 3:45-4pm  
(Optional Pre Care starts at 7:30am, after care until 5:30pm)

Russian Jack Chalet: 1600 Lidia Selkregg Ln, Anchorage, AK 99504
Camp hours: Drop off- 8:45-9:00am, Pick up- 3:45-4pm  
(Optional Pre Care starts at 7:30am, after care until 5:30pm)

Van Schedule to and from
Campbell Creek Science Center and
Lidia Selkregg Chalet

Van 1 Denali Elementary (148 E. 9th) East parking lot
8:15 am – pick-up
4:45 pm – drop-off

Rogers Park Elementary (1400 E. N. Lights Blvd.) Front of school
8:30 am – pick-up
4:35 pm – drop-off

Van 2 Huffman Elementary (12000 Lorraine St, Anchorage, AK 99516) Front of school
8:30 am – pick-up
4:45 pm – drop off

Half Day Toddler Programs: Ages 2-3
From 10am-1pm

Is your camper not quite ready for camp? Or do you want to spend some quality time exploring the trails? This program is for you and will get your camper ready to be apart of our full day program.

Trees and Bumblebees
  • Identify types of life in the forest
  • Spend time at the creek
  • Enjoy a nature walk

Preschool Programs: Ages 4-5

Join our compassionate and enthusiastic staff in exploring the outdoors using a variety of hands on and sensory activities. Campers ages four through five will come to learn more about their role in the outdoors while strengthening their motor, social, and observational skills. Ratio 1:6. All classes are $290 unless otherwise noted.

Water Wonders 
  • Explore the water cycle
  • Learn about water near our home
  • Discover the power of water
Buzzy Bugs
  • Go on a bug hunt
  • Learn what makes insects unique
  • Use your imagination to be become an insect
Mammal Mania – NEW! 
  • Learn about Alaskan mammals
  • Become an animal expert
  • Investigate where mammals live
Feather Friends – NEW! 
  • Make a feathery craft
  • Practice beautiful bird songs
  • Observe and record wild birds
Crafty Critters – NEW! 
  • Express your creativity
  • Create a variety of nature themed crafts
  • View the outdoors in new ways
Animal Homes – NEW!
  • Discover different types of animal houses
  • Learn what makes them unique
  • Investigate what helps animals survive
Treetop Explorers – NEW! 
  • Explore a forest habitat
  • Draw your own personal tree
  • Discover a variety of leaves
Rock Stars – NEW! 
  • Identify cool rock traits
  • Search for interesting rocks
  • Make an explosive volcano project
Dino Diggers 
  • Learn about types of dinosaurs
  • How old are the dinosaurs?
  • Be an archaeologist for a day
Salmon Snoopers – NEW! 
  • Learn about the five types of salmon
  • Create a salmon art project
  • Explore the salmon life cycle
Deep Sea Safari – NEW! 
  • Investigate water habitats
  • Learn about animals that live in the sea
  • Create an ocean mural

Day Programs: Ages 6-7

Join our enthusiastic instructors in our day programs focusing on environmental concepts including ecology, geology, agriculture, bugs, and outdoor survival skills. Your camper will get the opportunity to take part in hands-on lessons, activities, and games that encourage positive interactions with the outdoors! Campers will spend their time exploring the beautiful trails around the science center, visiting the Campbell Creek, and learning about Alaskan wildlife safety. Ratio 1:8. All classes are $290 unless otherwise noted.

Jurassic Journey
  • Discover dinosaurs prehistoric past
  • Look for fossils!
  • Identify types of dinosaurs
Wetland Wonders – NEW!
  • What is a wetland
  • Walk off site and explore a wetland
  • Spend time at the creek
  • Bring your rain boots!
Full S.T.E.A.M Ahead – NEW!
  • Explore components of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math
  • Take part on challenging, hands-on activities
  • Use math and science to make an art project
Wilderness Survival 
  • Find your way with a compass
  • What to do in an emergency
  • Create your own shelter
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – NEW!
  • Learn about the importance of recycling
  • Turn trash to treasure
  • Volunteer on Campbell tract
Mammals and More – NEW!
  • Is it a mammal?
  • Explore animal habitats
  • Identify Alaskan mammals
Exploration Space – NEW! 
  • Explore our solar system
  • Make your own constellation
  • Phases of the Moon
Artsy Animals 
  • Discover, imagine, and create nature art
  • Visit the botanical gardens
  • Share creations with parents
Geology Rocks! 
  • Travel in a geological time machine
  • Identify different types of rocks
  • Become best friends with a pet rock
Outdoor Detective
  • Explore the forest following animal trails
  • Learn about types of trees
  • Who lives here?
Wind, Water, Weather – NEW! 
  • Learn about the water cycle
  • Explore weather patterns and their impact
  • Create wind chimes
Fish Finders – NEW!
  • Investigate how salmon find home
  • Dissect a fish
  • Explore the aquatic life in the Campbell Creek
Earth, Fire & Ice
  • Alaskan topography
  • What makes a mountain?
  • Learn about plate tectonics
  • Learn all about glaciers
Birds of a Feather – NEW!
  • Look and listen for birds
  • Basic bird anatomy
  • Where do birds live?
Whales and Salmon Tails 
  • How big is a whale?
  • Identify the 5 types of Salmon
  • Count the salmon at the Campbell Creek Science Center
Down to the Roots – NEW!
  • Explore plants from their leaves to their roots
  • Identify types of trees
  • Use plants to make an art project

Day Programs: Ages 8-9 Knowledgeable and engaging instructors lead day programs focusing on environmental concepts. Campers will take part in hands-on lessons, activities, and games that explore topics in depth. Groups will spend time on Campbell tract as well as travel off-site to various locations throughout Anchorage and Alaska. Ratio 1:8. Classes are $290 unless otherwise noted.

Mission: Space
  • Visit a local planetarium
  • Explore our solar system
  • Stars and constellations
Animal Kingdom – NEW!
  • Visit the AK Wildlife Conservation Center or Zoo
  • Characteristics of types of animals
  • Animal and human relationships
Marine Magic -$330
  • Venture to marine ecosystems
  • Salt water vs. Fresh water
  • Explore the water cycle
Picture Perfect – NEW! 
  • Capture your surroundings
  • Explore types of photography
  • Slideshow presentation at the end of the week
Rivers, Lakes & Streams – NEW!
  • Visit two bodies of water
  • Re-create the water cycle
  • Learn about aquatic animals
Be a Botanist – NEW! 
  • Identify local plants
  • Visit the botanical gardens
  • Create a natural art project
Habitat Hunters
  • Track Alaskan big game
  • Follow the scent to the source
  • Search for animal signs
The Year of the Salmon – NEW!
  • Learn the different salmon species
  • Fins, scales and tales
  • Explore local salmon habitat

High Adventure: Ages 8-9

Trail Riders I *Bring your own bike
  • Explore the single tracks of Anchorage
  • Learn to fix your own bike
  • Engage in trail safety & etiquette
  • Ride based on skill level with Trail Riders II
Summit Seekers – NEW!
  • Summit local mountains
  • Orienteering, map reading & GPS skills
  • Learn about local geology
Paddle Mania 
  • Water safety instruction
  • Visit a local lake and participate in water activities
  • Try out canoeing, kayaking and/or paddle boarding
Mountain Masters – NEW! 
  • Advance your shelter building skills
  • Spend a day climbing off-site
  • Learn about survival tools
Intro to Camping (includes 1 overnight)* – NEW! -$375
  • Explore low-impact camping
  • Learn about safety in the outdoors
  • Spend one night camping out
Ready, Aim, Fire -$335
  • Shoot a compound and recurve bow
  • Visit Kincaid for target practice
  • Make your own bow

Day Programs: Ages 10-13
Our knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and charismatic instructors are excited for campers to join them as they explore their natural surroundings. Instructors will focus on conveying their knowledge through group activities, games, team building and hands on lessons. Instructional techniques include experiential learning in a natural environment to promote lifelong learning. Every program includes at least one offsite field trip. Ratio 1:8. All classes are $290 unless otherwise noted.

Flight, Migration, and Hibernation- NEW!
  • Discover different Alaskan animal habitats
  • Track Alaskan animals
  • Animal circle of life
AK Native Culture Keepers
  • Native Elders share their experiences
  • Explore native arts and culture
  • Enjoy an AK Native potlatch!
Planet Earth – NEW! 
  • Learn about the cycles that influence our daily lives
  • Investigate the nature of water, life, tides and season cycles
  • Become a scientist and participate in mad science experiments
Oceans Alive-$335
  • Attend a full day marine boat tour
  • Discuss concepts of a marine ecosystem
  • Learn the layers of the ocean and find out what creatures live there
Space Odyssey 
  • Learn why it is important to explore space
  • Field trip to visit the local planetarium
  • Learn about the lifestyle of an astronaut
Rocks, Ice, Volcanoes and Quakes
  • Explore forces that shape southcentral Alaska
  • Field trips may include Portage Glacier, Earthquake Park, and the Kincaid sand dunes
  • Visit areas where you can uncover ancient fossils 
AK Stewardship(Leadership Program) – NEW!
  • Explore challenges Mother Nature faces
  • Participate in a service project at Campbell Creek
  • Create a plan for conservation of nature
River Wranglers -$335
  • Experience a sight-seeing rafting trip
  • Learn how to test and assess water quality
  • Explore basic concepts of hydrology
Arctic Artist
  • Sand art, beading, and leaf collages
  • Create Alaskan clay pottery
  • Explore your artistic side with nature
Lead the Way (Leadership Program) – NEW!
  • Team building and leadership development
  • Learn what it takes to become a leader
  • Teach your own lesson
Capture Alaska
  • Learn basic skills of photography
  • Photograph various outdoor locations
  • Present your art
Ecological Encounters – NEW!
  • Discover Alaskan food webs
  • Explore the importance of ecology
  • Create a plan for change

High Adventure: Ages 10-13

Trail Riders II *Bring your own bike 
  • Learn advanced mountain biking skills
  • Build new levels of confidence on single tracks
  • Ride based on skill level with Trail Riders I
Reach High -$335
  • Learn basic climbing safety techniques
  • Explore indoor & outdoor rock climbing
  • Climb to new heights
Venture Bound: Water -$335
  • Stand-up paddle board, kayak, and canoe!
  • Learn paddling skills for various different boats
  • Practice water safety & outdoor adventure spirit
Fat Tire Bike *fat tire bikes provided
  • Explore trails on a 9:zero:7 fat tire bike
  • Build up confidence
  • Learn uses for fat tire bikes
Venture Bound: Earth  
  • Fat Tire Bike (we provide), hike, and explore!
  • Learn navigational skills
  • Practice safety skills & outdoor adventure spirit
Peak Baggers
  • Discuss Alaskan mountain ranges
  • Mountain geography and ecology
  • Explore mountains in the Chugach
Fish On -$335
  • Fish at local fishing areas
  • Learn and master knots used by Alaskan fisherman
  • Gain the knowledge and skills it takes to catch a fish
Arrows Away-$335
  • Learn archery safety
  • Shoot with a compound and recurve bow
  • Build your own bow!

Don't Forget Our Quest Trips

Longer hiking and camping trips to get your young explorer out into the world. Quest trips are available for campers age 8- 14.

Find your trip!

Scholarships are Available!

At Trailside Discovery Camp we believe every camper should have the opportunity to learn and engage with the outdoors no matter their economic status.