Quest Trips

Open to campers age 8-14, our Quest Trips are specifically designed to get a real taste for the Alaskan wilderness. Get outside into the world without computers, phones, windows, or walls and see parts of Alaska most people only dream of.

Lead by experienced guide staff, these trips are geared for the camper who is ready for a little more adventure.

enrollment open January 8, 2019

Quest Trips

Our introductory trips are designed for campers who are ready to spend extended time away from the walls and windows of everyday life. After two days of checking gear, reviewing equipment, team building, wilderness safety, practicing basic skills, and Leave No Trace camping skills, campers head out for a three-day, 2 night campout and discovery adventure. Two staff per 12 campers- All trips are $425

We want to go to the best possible location so exact locations will be updated on the website.

Mountain Biking
⦿ Bike maintenance and safety
⦿ Develop mountain biking skills
⦿ Explore the trails

⦿ Outdoor survival skills
⦿ Develop paddling skills
⦿ Canoe races and games

⦿ Learn water safety
⦿ Paddling skills
⦿ Outdoor survival skills

⦿ Learn about low-impact camping
⦿ Safety in the outdoors
⦿ Adventure the local surroundings

These trips are designed for campers to expand their backcountry camping skills. After two days of team building, practicing skills, and preparing gear, campers head out for a three-day, two night wilderness trip. They return for pick up on Friday afternoon. (Wed-Fri trip). Two staff per 12 campers- All trips are $425

Kayak Scout
⦿ Outdoor survival skills
⦿ Lake study
⦿ Refine paddling skills

Hatcher Pass Backpack
⦿ Team building
⦿ Alpine tundra trekking
⦿ Talkeetna Mountain range

Marine Encounter
⦿ Explore tide pools and pebble beaches
⦿ Become one with the tides
⦿ Backpack the surrounding area

Swanson Lake Canoe
⦿ Swanson Lakes excursion
⦿ Learn water safety
⦿ Paddling and portage skills

Longer trips for teens combine backcountry skills with natural history as campers further develop their outdoor skills. After one day in camp practicing skills and preparing gear, campers leave on Tuesday morning and do not return until Friday afternoon. Trips are designed for campers with prior experience. Two staff per 10-12 campers Cost- all trips are $480.

⦿ Learn the art of packing
⦿ Trek around Alaska’s beautiful land
⦿ Learn outdoor survival skills

⦿ Passionate pedal pushers
⦿ Leaderships development
⦿ Shred over 20 miles of single track

Kayak Trip
⦿ Master paddling skills
⦿ Birds and marine mammals included
⦿ Investigate tidal treasures

Canoe Voyager
⦿ Master paddling and portaging skills
⦿ Freshwater ecology
⦿ Can you paddle a canoe on your own?

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