Help get out the vote in your community 

Do you remember the first time you voted? Why did you choose to vote? Most likely it was because someone you trusted encouraged you to. You can be that person this election! In this toolkit, you will find resources to help you, your friends, family, and community make a plan to vote. By working together, we can make sure all of our voices are heard in the decisions that affect our lives. Safe voting!

Download this easy to use GOTV kit to get started

A healthy democracy requires full participation of Alaskans of all languages, geographies, abilities, and identities. The more Alaskans involved in decisions affecting our home, the better our future will be for everyone. Our theory of change means elevating voices of young people, Indigenous Alaskans, women, people of color, people of all abilities, and recent immigrants who make up the new Alaskan majority, in order to build power for community self-determination. More Alaskans exercising the right to vote is the core of The Education Fund’s strategy to promote a strong and healthy democracy.