Update 11/19:

The Count is Complete!

360,684  ballots counted 

The 2020 general Election Count was different than any process we have done before, due to the large amount of absentee ballots. We didn't know the results of the election on November 3. But this isn't a bad thing. It means that the Division of Elections took its time to make sure every vote was counted.

A new election timeline


The Absentee Ballot Count Process


What we expected during this elections season

  • Most races will not have a winner confirmed on Nov 3

    If a candidate, a news source or a blog tries to declare any winners, keep in mind votes are still being counted. Check your sources and relax. This will take a little time. There are thousands of votes up and down the ballot still in the mail. The Division of Elections will spend the next 10-14 days after elections close counting every single Alaskan vote.

  • Your Vote Will be Counted

    Whether you voted in person or by mail there are security measures in place to protect your vote and our democracy. Voting by mail is a safe and secure system that has been utilized for over 100 years. The military votes by mail, the President votes by mail and you should feel safe and secure knowing your vote will count. It will just take a few days longer to count it.

  • Challenges may come up

    Our Democracy will be defended. If bad actors try to speed up the count, miscount or mislead the public there is a network of groups, community members, elected officials and law enforcement who are educated, and prepared on the safest, and healthiest ways to make sure every vote counts. Our democratic process is sacred.

Updated Timeline 11/19

nov 25:

Target Date for State elections results are certified.

dec 14:

State Electors announce their vote for President.

jan 6:

National results certified.

Straight from the DOE

Taken from 10/28/2020 correspondence-

"The process at polling places on election day will proceed as it has in years past aside from the added safety protocols in light of the pandemic. (See A to Z of Election Day)

Political parties, no-party candidates, and ballot measure groups can appoint poll watchers at each precinct to monitor the in-person voting process and challenge the qualifications of a voter, if appropriate. Poll watchers have to adhere to the Guide for Poll Watchers. Any voter whose qualifications are properly brought into question must vote a questioned ballot which will be reviewed later by the district questioned ballot counting boards...Poll watchers can also remain to watch the counting process after the polls close. This in contrast to observers from the political parties, no-party candidates, and ballot measure groups who are able to watch the absentee ballot and questioned ballot review process.Please note that it is only the identified groups—political parties, no-party candidates, and ballot measure groups—that are authorized to have poll watchers or observers. No one else is permitted to loiter in the polling place or at the review locations."

"...we have received an unprecedented number of absentee ballot requests this year. This means that the unofficial, preliminary results announced on the night of the election are not final and are subject to change up until 15 days after the election when the election must be certified. Absentee ballots within the United States can be received up to 10 days after the general election (but still have to be voted on or before November 3) and military and overseas ballots can be received up to 15 days after. We have already been notifying the media regarding this issue and have attempted to make the public aware that election night results should not be viewed as final."