KNow your Props and Bonds!

Non-Partisan Ballot Review Guide

Anchorage Municipal Election 2019 | Bonds & Propositions

Expand each area below to get more details on what you will be voting for or against.

  • $1.1 Million
  • $0.25/$100K Assessed Property
  • For constructing new segments on Boundary Avenue, Mountain Air Drive, Kullberg Drive to improve emergency response access.
  • $82.8 Million
  • $18.45 tax per $100K Assessed Property
  • Building improvements and earthquake damage repairs for 16 ASD schools.
  • $43 Million
  • $12.19/$100K Assessed Property ONLY on Anchorage taxpayers (no cost to Chugiak, Eagle River, Girdwood)
  • 35 projects to improve roads and storm drainage.
  • $2.05 Million
  • $0.49/$100K Assessed Property
  • Replacement fire ladder truck, Anchorage Fire Department facility improvements and shop expansion.
  • $3.95 Million
  • $1.02/$100K Assessed Property
  • Improvements to Campbell Creek Trail, Chester Creek Complex, plus Chanshtnu, Dave Rose, Elderberry, Far North Bicentennial, Gov’t Hill, Russian Jack, Taku Lake, Tikishla, University Lake Parks
  • $2.4 Million
  • $0.55/$100K Assessed Property
  • To purchase 36 additional patrol vehicles to match the increased officer count.
  • $5.4 Million
  • $1.20/$100K Assessed Property
  • Safety upgrades, renovations, and more for Anchorage Senior Activity Center, Chugiak-Eagle River Senior Center and the Loussac and Mt. View libraries.
  • $5.1 Million
  • $1.13/$100K Assessed Property
  • Radio upgrade, ambulance replacement, medical equipment, transit center & bus stop improvements, transit fleet expansion.
  • $2.40/$100K Assessed Property
  • Special tax of $830K annually for renting or leasing emergency medical equipment and systems. Would reduce indebtedness from Prop 8 by $400K
  • $2.2 Million
  • $28.70/$100K Assessed Property ONLY on Girdwood taxpayers
  • For building a new community building to replace Glacier City Hall and Little Bears facilities

Would make it legal for licensed retail marijuana stores with a license and special land use permit to allow their customers to consume marijuana bud or flower by inhalation or smoking in their marijuana consumption areas.

Would require that each Assembly District have 2 Assembly members, adding one Assemblymember to the Downtown district, and increasing the total number of Assembly members from 11 to 12.

Would levy a 5% tax on all retail sales of alcohol. The proceeds would be dedicated toward funding for police and first responders; to combat and address child abuse, sexual assault, and domestic violence; and for programs and facilities to address substance abuse, addiction recovery, mental and behavioral health, and homelessness.

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