Cate Gomez Rebel to Pebble

Cate Gomez is a member of our youth program, Alaska Youth for Environmental Action (AYEA), and a recent graduate from Dillingham High School. Cate is an avid opponent of Pebble Mine and traveled to Juneau during the AYEA annual Civics Summit to advocate for Bristol Bay. She has spoken in front of the Environmental Protection Agency, the Alaska Department of Natural Resources, Senator Lisa Murkowski, and our state legislators about Pebble Mine, sharing her story and concerns. 

"For generations my family and my people have lived off of the land. Surviving on the abundance of wildlife. The proposed pebble mine stands in my peoples’ way of life. We must give back what this land has given us, not take it away. The land has given us far more value than any amount of gold or copper in the ground. I am Alaska, I am the next Tribal Leader, I am the future, and I am the Rebel to Pebble." - Cate Gomez, AYEA Teen.

Thomas Daniel Recycling Revolutionary

The UAF Kuskokwim Campus began a local recycling effort about three years ago because at the time, there was absolutely no recycling available in Bethel. It is safe to say that our modest but successful program would never have gotten off the ground if not for the remarkable commitment of Thomas Daniel. Thomas has served as the Recycling Committee Chairperson for two years and in that time has shown unwavering devotion as a steward of our environment and leader on our campus.