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Cate Gomez

Senior in high school, 4 year wrestling state qualifier with places at 7th, 5th and 3rd. The environment is one of my top priorities. My parents are Venita Flensburg (Luckhurst) and Gabe Gomez.

Summer McGuire

Summer McGuire is a senior at Homer High School, and has developed a passion for the mountains and nature from living in beautiful Homer since birth. After living in France for a year with Rotary Youth Exchange, her eyes were opened to the expansive issues people face, and vowed to do what she could to positively influence the world. Summer loves trying new things and experiencing a wide array of activities. Her favorite past times include making art, photography, traveling, writing, camping, skiing, cliff-jumping, and cooking vegan dishes for her friends.

Lisa Tran
Dutch Harbor

My name is Lisa Tran and I am from the fishing community of Dutch Harbor, Alaska. I have lived in Dutch Harbor for 15 years and I am currently a senior at Unalaska City High School. I enjoy volunteering for community events, advocating for the environment and women's rights, and participating in extra-curricular activities such as NHS, Pep Club, Business Professionals of America, Teen Council, volleyball, and NYO. I plan to attend college and pursue a major in Nursing.

Chloe Bourdukofsky

Chloe Bourdukofsky is Unangan, born and raised in the city of Anchorage, Alaska. She is currently an 11th grader at East Anchorage High School who is actively searching to learn more information that concerns climate change and cultural involvements in Alaska to help out communities across the state. Chloe is an Alaska Native dancer, photographer, fisherwoman, artist, philomath and a self taught person. Her future goals are to help Alaska Native communities that are facing environmental problems along with preserving the Unangan culture.

Landen Olin-Duncan

Landen Olin-Duncan is a freshman in Sidney Huntington High School. He is a skier, basketball and baseball player. He is Koyukon-Athabascan. He is the grandson of the late Sidney and Angela Huntington, and Valerie Olin and Charlie Huntington, Louis Demoski and the late Elizabeth Silas, and Irene and Ray Wildrick. He is the son of Brian and Corina Olin-Duncan

Kendall R Wesenberg

My name is Kendall and I'm from Valdez, Alaska. I'm a senior and plan on studying Civil Engineering. I love Alaska, especially the mountains and that's why I have chosen to attend college in Colorado where I can hike, ski, & explore new places. My interests include, activism, working out, and being with my friends and family.

Maxim UNruh

Hi, my name is Maxim and I am an exchange student from Germany. I was very politically engaged in Germany. Because of my engagement I managed to get a political scholarship to life in the US for one year. I continue my engagement in Alaska where I share my experiences from Germany and also take a lot of new experiences with me. I like to be outdoors either hiking, biking or going for jog.

Peter Olanna
Brevig Mission

My name is Peter Olanna. I am from a small village, Brevig Mission population about little over 500. I am 16 years old and a sophomore in High School. My hobbies are playing Basketball, Volleyball, Skiing, Walking, Going to the gym and going out camping in the summer. Also I like to pick berries.

Ken Anderson

Hello, I'm McKenna Anderson (I prefer to go by Ken). I'm a Junior in High School and in the past I have been involved with social activism workshops, rallies, and other local events (primarily LGBT oriented). As I have learned more about environmentalism I have wanted to get involved with groups like this and I'm very excited to participate in this event!(ello! I am Ken (McKenna) Anderson. I am a 11th grade student at A.J Dimond High School in Anchorage. I am very passionate about social justice and I want to gain experience and knowledge to help causes I care about.

Cassidy Austin
Anchorage & McCarthy

I am a 16 year old girl from McCarthy, Alaska and I am passionate about making a positive difference in my community. I hope to help make the plastic bag ban statewide in Alaska because I think it is important to care for our earth and protect our natural resources. I have previously been involved in groups such as AYEA, Stand for Salmon, and the Copper River Stewardship Program and I hope to continue inspiring new youth leaders in communities throughout Alaska.

Katherine Baring

I am a 16 year old junior at west valley high school in Fairbanks. Many of my favorite memories occurred out in the wilderness, an increasingly hot commodity it seems as there is less of it to be found. My purpose through AYEA is to protect what has been such an important part of my life thus far.

Rachel Hartman

I am a junior at Matsu Career and Technical High School. I was born in Anchorage and now currently reside in Wasilla. I am very active in my community volunteering at the library and I am a presiding judge in Youth Court. In my free time I enjoy reading and baking desserts.

Gabriel Lee Stenek

My name is Gabriel Stenek and I am from Shishmaref, Alaska. I am 18 years old and a senior in high school. I am passionate about speaking on issues that I believe are important (for example climate change).

Denali Adams
Dutch Harbor

Hi! I am a junior at Unalaska City High School. In my free time I love to volunteer, travel, and meet new people. I am very interested in learning about psychology, law and criminology. But I also consider myself an environmentalist and a mental health advocate.

Ellen Yang

My name is Ellen Yang and I am a student at Unalaska City School. I enjoy playing volleyball, reading, and drawing on my free time.

Jenna Stringer

Hello my name is Jenna Stringer, I am 17 years old, I attend Barrow High School and I’m here to advocate for positive legislation which will protect our communities. Growing up in the rural area of barrow, I’ve seen the direct effects climate has on our community. Through floods, rising sea levels/temperature and eroding shorelines. It is scary knowing that your community may not last for the next couple of years. I want to speak up for those in my community who weren’t able to attend this conference, and advocate for a sustainable solution.

Youth Trainers

Eve Downing

I'm from Soldotna Alaska, and I'm in my sophomore year of high school. I participate in cross-country running, and skiing so I spend a large part of my time outdoors which has shown me the beauty of Alaska, and how much we need to preserve it.

James Vuong

I have been involved with AYEA in the past, I've been to one Youth Organizer Summit and one Civics Summit. I've also been involved with Unalaska's AYEA chapter for the past two years and currently have a job as a Youth Litter Patrolman (I help with recycling programs and pick up trash around town). Lastly, I'm involved in Student Government, Teen Council, and foreign language club.

Kyle Hasse

Hello, I am Kyle Hasse, I am a senior at Mat-Su Career and Technical High School. I have always taken an interest in the outdoors and the ecosystems within it, especially aquatic ecosystems, as I find myself to be a avid aquarium keeper. Due to my concern with littering and the effects of climate change, I have been an active AYEA member ever since I helped found an AYEA chapter at my own school in late 2016.

Ron Adams
Brevig Mission

I'm 16 years old and my way of life is very important. Way of life-Eskimo games, speaking eskimo and hunting is dying out. I love to hunt for my food and help out our community. I have a family of 3 brothers and 6 sisters. My parents love to hunt our food.

Zeb Sheldon

I am Zebediah Sheldon, I am a proud Alaskan Native and I also am Mexican American. I am from Palmer, Alaska and I want to stop the pebble mine because it ruins the fish populations and that affects my culture. In my free time I love to play basketball, help my school with student government, I also love to help my community with Key club.

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